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Senior Golfer’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Golf Ball

A golf ball that suits your skill level can significantly improve your game and help you achieve consistency. Since the construction of a golf ball can provide a mix of distance, speed, and accuracy, senior golf players must choose wisely. Senior players often struggle with achieving strength and distance, which can be significantly improved with

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Qualities of a Great Golf Instructor: What to Look for in a Golf Coach

From getting a suitable golf club to checking instructional videos, every beginner has done their best to master their skills. Newbies often struggle to identify their weaknesses, and when video instructions are not enough, there’s nothing a face-to-face meeting with an instructor can’t solve. A golf instructor can work closely with you on your improvement.

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6 Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs

Golf is a sport that has been enjoyed by both men and women for generations. Even though the fundamentals of the game are the same, there are some significant differences between men’s and women’s golf clubs. In this article, we will discuss the major distinctions between these two types of clubs, including their size and

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The Best Golf Balls For Beginners in 2023

Golf ball basics are important for any golfer to understand. Whether you’re just starting out with golf or you’re a seasoned pro, understanding the basics of golf balls can help you make the most of your game. Golf balls come in various sizes, weights, and materials, so it’s important to choose the right ball for

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Golf Courses

Do You Know How Many Golf Courses Are In The US?

Golf is a popular sport in the US. Hence, most states host many golf courses to provide an unforgettable experience. The routes guide players through luscious greenery, with some courses being more challenging than others. 25.1 million players visited golf courses in the US in 2021, which tells us a lot about this sport. How

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Best Tips On How To Play Golf in 2023

Golf is an elegant sport practiced by many who wish to challenge their bodies and minds. It is a fun hobby that keeps you calm and relaxed. However, a golf game can also get quite intense at certain times. Newbies should start their golf journey with the basics. And we are not talking about golf

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