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Golf carts on a path at a scenic golf course with clear skies.

Epic Fairways: The Ultimate Golf Courses to Add to Your Bucket List

The world has more than 38,800 golf courses scattered across some of the most exquisite global locations. How many of these mesmerizing places have you visited? It’s time to consider some bucket list golf courses that every seasoned golfer should play in their lifetime. While the vast majority of epic golf destinations recognized for stunning views are located in the US

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A man with a black and blue tape on his shoulder.

Stay in the Game: Essential Tips for Avoiding Common Golf Injuries

Golf is a game celebrated for its finesse, strategic complexity, and the sheer joy it brings to those who play it. Yet, like any sport that demands repetitive, precise movements, golf comes with its fair share of challenges, particularly in the form of injuries. The key to enjoying this beloved sport for the long haul

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Senior Golfer

Ageless Golf: Proven Tips for Senior Golfers

Scientific evidence sheds light on one important fact time and time again – golf is an excellent sport for all ages and it may even reduce the risk of death among seniors. Staying active and fit is one of the keys to maintaining youthfulness for as long as possible but many people find the goal

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Players on a Green Golf Course

Golfers’ Paradise Found: Your Next Golf Trip Destination

Traveling to explore new golf opportunities is a wonderful way to see the world while also fully committing to your favorite sport. You’re not alone in this desire! A 2022 survey suggests that 80 percent of golf enthusiasts plan to take a dedicated golf trip during the year. Wanting to experience new destinations is great

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A Man in Red Sweater Playing Golf

Improve Your Golf Game with These 9 Proven Drills

Developing good golfing technique requires time and lots of practice. That’s why beginners commit a few common mistakes bound to interfere with optimal performance. This is where golf drills come in to offer a viable solution. Rather than just listening to an instructor, golfers can get involved in the technique improvement process through the selection

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