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Golf Courses

The 5 Best Golf Courses in the US

Fortunately for American golf, there are endless choices when it comes to golf courses in the US. Designed to meet the needs and preferences of golfers of all levels of experience, golf courses in the US have often been ranked by prestigious golf publications in the country. Golf Digest has been ranking golf courses in

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Golf Swing

6 Steps to Build the Perfect Golf Swing

So, you want to build the perfect golf swing? Many have tried this before you, and with practice and determination, many have succeeded. Recreational golfers who want to achieve perfection when it comes to their golf swing need to learn how to strike the ball with consistency and confidence. They need to study how professional

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6 Golf Practice Tips to Play Like A Pro

Golf seems like a very complicated sport. From which golf club to use to how to practice, and when to swing away versus setup with a lay-up shot golf courses. Playing golf entails numerous rules, specific terminology, and flawless technique. Golf lessons always seem like a good idea, but only 15% of golfers actually take

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Golf simulator ideas

5 Ridiculously Cool Home Golf Simulators

It’s any golfer’s dream to play golf even when the rain pours or the snow falls. Having a home golf simulator is the best way to make sure you will hit the ball to your heart’s desire. As expected, there are golf simulators for every budget, but the price shouldn’t be the only decisive factor.

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Golf Stacker

Ultimate Guide to the Best Golf Balls

It may come as a surprise to many, but not all golf balls are created equal. In fact, there are significant differences between the most affordable golf balls you can find in stores and premium golf balls available for advanced players. Almost every piece of golf equipment can be upgraded and optimized for a player’s

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Beginners Guide to Golf Driving Range Equipment

Golf courses are scary for beginners. According to Golf Sidekick, all that glamour, glitz, etiquette, and clothes may seem off-putting to amateurs who just want to get into the swing of things without the added pressure of trying to fit in. Thus the need for golf driving ranges. No pressure, no rules, no dress code,

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