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Senior Golfer’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Golf Ball

A golf ball that suits your skill level can significantly improve your game and help you achieve consistency. Since the construction of a golf ball can provide a mix of distance, speed, and accuracy, senior golf players must choose wisely.

Senior players often struggle with achieving strength and distance, which can be significantly improved with the right type of golf ball. How to choose high-quality golf balls for seniors? This post helps you select a golf ball that suits your specific needs. Check it out to improve your launch and golf game.

How Do I Choose the Right Golf Ball for Me?

Seniors should mind their swing speed when choosing a golf ball. The swing speed is determined by various factors such as cover, compression, and distance. The ideal golf ball for seniors is soft, has low spin, optimal distance, and is easy to spot. If you aren’t a player with faster swing speeds, opt for a lower compression rate.

Picking Your Golf Clubs


Not all senior golfers can achieve optimal distance, and that is okay. The right ball design can help senior players achieve distance even for slower swing speeds. Opt for a two or three-piece distance golf ball that provides a consistent ball flight and impressive distance. Avoid the multilayer golf balls if you’re struggling with your distance.


A golf ball’s compression rate determines how soft it is. A softer golf ball is suitable for players that struggle to achieve medium swing speed. High-compression golf balls help achieve faster speeds, so you might want to avoid them if you want to improve your playing style.

Visibility and Markings

When you’re browsing for golf balls for seniors, you need to look for more than just soft golf balls. You have to also keep an eye on different surface marks. The markings offer visual aids in aligning the ball. Of course, you can mark your ball of choice with a Sharpie. Many players do that to improve their alignment and achieve a straight ball flight. But some might need precise markings that can’t be achieved using hand drawing. On the other hand, balls come in bright colors for players with poor eyesight.


Even though distance is essential when choosing the ball, you shouldn’t forget about the feel. Reduced spin balls are the best bet for decreasing the chances of hooks and slices. This contributes to a straight and accurate game shot.

Cover Material

Surlyn cover is popular among senior golf players thanks to its affordability and its ability to ensure optimal distance. This cover material provides minimal spin and enhances distance. The affordable price is a huge bonus, especially if you tend to lose balls during your games.

Regular Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls For Seniors in 2023

Titleist Tour Soft

Titleist Tour Soft is one of the softest balls, an excellent choice to achieve explosive distance with low spin. Senior players can gain extra five yards with this type of golf ball. The lightweight but strong cover reduces the drag while achieving extra distance. Together with the convenient markings, this 2-piece ball has everything a senior player needs.

TaylorMade Soft Response

The Soft Response is designed for players with mid-swing speed. The softness is especially prominent with the putter. The three-piece ball isn’t for the faster swing speeds but manages to produce less greenside spin with wedge shots, which is a great advantage.

Srixon Soft Feel

If you’re looking for affordable senior golf balls, the Srixon Soft Feel is a great option. It is excellent if you need a consistent flight and offers superb quality that matches premium golf balls. The two-piece construction provides extra distance with a faster and stronger transition. The 338 dimple pattern ensures excellent aerodynamics, making it ideal for those looking for a softer ball.

Callaway Supersoft

The Callaway Supersoft is a soft ball that helps seniors achieve maximum distance with slow club head speed. The ball provides excellent swing control, allowing you to get to the greenside. The authentic HEX aerodynamic design decreases drag and boosts lift for greater distance.

Titleist Pro V1

The Pro V1 is one of the best distance balls for seniors. It improves the spin rate at a slow swing speed while providing excellent greenside control. This type of golf ball is one of the popular golf balls for senior players, thanks to the enhanced visibility. Pro-V1 is vivid yellow, so you can easily spot it.

Wilson Duo Soft

If you need soft golf balls that achieve impressive distance, the Wilson Do Soft is a suitable pick. The affordable price makes it ideal for average golfers willing to improve their game. It comes in bright yellow and red if you struggle to locate the ball.

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How Can I Increase My Senior Golf Swing Speed?

Seniors can improve their swing speed in different ways. One of them is to exercise and maintain an excellent physical condition. As we age, our body’s natural flexibility and power decline. And these two metrics are essential for achieving distance in golf.

Players should also improve their power, as this can generate more force. Senior golfers have problems with grip strength. Seniors should learn more about the grip position and how it affects the ball’s flight. An adequately fitted grip can be held comfortably, allowing more control over the club.

Furthermore, you can try various exercises to master hand-eye coordination. A light club enables the player to swing faster, and the bigger loft improves launch at slow speeds.

What Is the Average Swing Speed for a 70-Year-Old Man?

70-year-old golf players achieve less than 80 mph speed. Swing speed is an essential skill for golf players. As we age, the speed naturally declines. The average swing speed for golfers above 60 is 75 mph for males and 60 mph for females. The average distance ranges between 160 to 190 yards.

For comparisons, the average distance between players between 50 and 60 years is 85 mph for males and 70 mph for ladies. Seniors can increase their swing speed with strength training and choosing the proper golf equipment.

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