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Do You Know How Many Golf Courses Are In The US?

Golf is a popular sport in the US. Hence, most states host many golf courses to provide an unforgettable experience. The routes guide players through luscious greenery, with some courses being more challenging than others. 25.1 million players visited golf courses in the US in 2021, which tells us a lot about this sport.

How many golf courses are in the US?

The massive popularity of golf is responsible for the many courses available. About 43% of golf courses worldwide are located within the states, summing up about 15,500 golf courses in the US. This number is prone to changes as new businesses enter the industry.

Getting a definite number for the golf courses is pretty tricky. Some courses are under reconstruction and temporarily closed. Others will leave the golf scene and be closed for business. In addition, private golf courses won’t enter the estimates. And we have new golf courses being built. That said, it is clear why the number is prone to change.

golf courses are in the US

What does the number mean for the golf scene?

According to historical data, the number of golf courses in the US is declining. However, this doesn’t mean that the interest in this sport is dropping. The number of facilities might be dropping, but it won’t impact the popularity in any way. There are still a large number of courses ready to host players.

Why is the number of golf courses in the US dropping? We can blame financial problems for this. Many businesses in this industry have decided to close due to financial difficulties.

What kind of amenities are provided?

Golf courses offer recreational and social facilities in addition to the basics. A well-designed golf course uses the natural landscape to guide the player. Players can also shop for equipment and practice in the dedicated facilities. Luxury courses will go a step forward and offer wellness centers and fine dining restaurants.

When entering the golf course, many players are welcomed by elegant golf gear and accessories, such as The Stacker, which allows golfers to forget all about buckets with golf balls and regiment their practice with a visually appealing golf ball pyramid. The Stacker is a unique tool used to organize and display golf balls. The balls are dropped in the golf ball pyramid stacker, which ideally contains them.

Which state has the largest number of golf courses?

The states with the largest number of golf courses are Florida, California, Texas, New York, and Michigan. Golf is an outdoor sport, so it’s only natural to notice that it is more developed in states with warm climates. Another factor that determines the number of golf courses is the popularity of the sport. While some states have ideal conditions for playing golf, their residents may lack an interest in golf.


With a total of 1,250, Florida has the largest number of golf courses in the US. Players can grab their golf clubs and enjoy their favorite sport year-round. It is important to note that the first one of the 12 Trump Golf-Owned Properties is in Florida.

golf courses are in Florida


With a total of 921 courses, California is just behind Florida. But it isn’t behind in the experience. Business Insider rated four of the courses in the top 25 selection. Cypress Point and Pebble Beach are ranked as the most beautiful courses in California.


Texas has 907 golf courses ready to host golf enthusiasts. The routes stretch across desert mountains, woods, and the seaside. Texas Golf Association is a body founded in 1906, responsible for maintaining more than 400 courses.

New York

You might be surprised to find out that New York has 832 golf courses. The green courses stretch among the outskirts of Manhattan, providing the ultimate experience for golfers. Douglaston, Forest Park, and Flushing Meadows are among the best golf courses.


With 650 golf courses, this sport is one of the great things to do for tourists in Michigan. The facilities provide mesmerizing views of lakes and forests. Arcadia Bluffs, Forest Dunes, and Bay Harbor are famous courses in Michigan.

golf courses are in Michigan

Best public golf courses in the US

The best public golf courses provide an exceptional visual experience through the game. In addition, they have a rich history and have hosted big names in this sport.

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach, California, combines an exciting golf experience with breathtaking views. The route overlooks the ocean, bringing the golf experience to a higher level. The path to the final holes takes players around the magnificent Carmel Bay.

Pinehurst (No. 2)

Carolina Sandhills hosts a spacious golf course with luscious grass hidden among the longleaf pines. Avid golfers can enjoy a great game at their favorite resort and even attend the US Open.

Pacific Dunes

Pacific Dunes North Carolina is another masterpiece in the golf industry, combining golf and an outstanding visual experience. The giant dunes shape the course, surrounded by scattered bunkers.


Situated in NY, Bethpage might scare newbies. No wonder it has a sign that says their public courses are for professional players. Dating back to 1935, this golf course has seen the best of Tiger Woods.

Kiawah Island

This golf course is a gem in South Carolina, thanks to its magnificent dunes and luscious oaks. The soothing sound of the waves crashing against the shore completes the experience. It is relatively new in the golf course’s history but has seen significant tournaments.

Golf course in Kiawah Island

Bandon Trails

Located in OR, Bandon Trails features a mix of public and private courses. You will go around dunes and a magical forest as you progress through the game. Playing while listening to the sea is an unforgettable experience for golf fans.

Stadium Course

Existing since 1981, Stadium Course regularly hosts the Players Championship. Designed by architect Pete Dye, this is a true masterpiece. Some holes might be more challenging than others, which makes this course special.