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Best Tips On How To Play Golf in 2023

Golf is an elegant sport practiced by many who wish to challenge their bodies and minds. It is a fun hobby that keeps you calm and relaxed. However, a golf game can also get quite intense at certain times.

Newbies should start their golf journey with the basics. And we are not talking about golf gloves or golf shoes. We are talking about clear rules that need to be followed no matter what. 

The game’s goal is to get the golf ball from one point to another with few tries, but the game’s ambiance has a lot to do with the success of a golf player. 

Golf basics

The standard golf course has 18 holes, but you can also expect to see 9 hole-golf courses. This setting is ideal for beginner golfers willing to develop their skills and score those perfect golf shots. Golf courses need to be completed by order, so a map usually comes in handy, especially for beginner players.

The most important rule you need to remember is that you cannot physically move the ball, even if it ends up in awkward positions. Also, it is essential to mind your turn. The person that is farthest from the flagged position is the first one to hit.

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Getting a golf ball in the hole will take three to five hits. Each hit is defined as a par, and the holes have their number of pars indicated. Ideally, you would want to complete each hole at par or below. The person with the lowest score is the winner, meaning they took the ball to the spot with fewer hits.

Now you know the basics of a good golf game. But how do you perfect the game and maybe even participate in golftournaments in the future? Read the best tips on how to play golf in 2023!

Get your equipment

Many would say that golf is an expensive sport. And you might believe this since you saw the shiny golf clubs in the store with a hefty price tag. But you don’t need to invest a lot of money in equipment if you’re not planning to play in professional golf tours. Just because the staff recommends the most expensive golf clubs, usually used by professional players, it doesn’t mean you need them to perform well.

When youplay golf for fun, you can play with any club. The high-end ones are just an accessory the golf industry sells to enthusiasts or experienced players.

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You can start your golf journey with a used set of clubs. Talk to fellow golfers and ask them if they would sell their old clubs. 

For beginners, we highly recommend the cavity back irons. The ample head surface makes it easier for newbies to hit the ball and reduce side spins. A golf bag can fit up to 14 clubs, but you can do just fine with 6 to 12.

Golf lovers eager to enhance their golf experience and take it to the next level should consider practical and functional golf accessories such as The Stacker. The Stacker golf pyramid is an essential piece that improves your game. The accessory allows keeping your golf balls tidy and within arm’s reach while offering you the opportunity to regiment your practice. 

How do you hit correctly in golf?

Before you proceed with your first game, you need to know the fundamentals of golf. Every golf player has a pre-shot routine. However, it all starts with a perfect posture. Grab the golf club and step toward the ball.

Your feet must be shoulder width apart, distributing the body weight evenly among them. Bow slightly forward from the hips and adjust the feet.

Once your posture is perfected, you can go forward with hitting the ball. Lift your club backward with a steady motion until it is parallel to the ground. The club should be positioned with the thick part upwards. The body weight should be on your dominant side. Continue moving the club until it reaches a 90-degree angle and your elbow is parallel to the ground.

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What is the secret to a good golf swing?

After reaching the position:

  1. Twist the shoulder to get the club above your head. The non-dominant hand should come below your chin.
  2. Make sure to hold the club firmly since its weight is in your hands.
  3. Swing the club and slightly shift your weight to the non-dominant leg. As you hit, the opposite side of your body should be straightened.
  4. After the club makes contact with the ball, continue extending the hand and lifting the club until parallel with the ground.

What are the 3 most important rules in golf?

Golf is a group sport, so you should be familiar with the basic etiquette before joining in. According to Golf Digest, disrespecting the staff and cheating can get you kicked out of a private golf club.

You don’t necessarily have to hit the golf ball immediately, but knowing your turn is essential. Perform up to two practice swings before hitting. Also, knowing when is the right time for chit-chat is crucial.

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Do and don’ts of golf

Golf is famous for its social side, so having a conversation with others is an excellent way to break the ice. However, make sure not to talk to golfers that are about to hit the ball. They need to focus on their practice swings and hitting, so talking would be a distraction. Also, move away and keep a distance so they can safely swing without hitting you.

Players look for the ball for no longer than three minutes. If a ball is lost, the player receives a one-stroke penalty.

Amateur players should remember that a golf ball moving at high speed can cause an injury. In the golf world, a specific word is used to avoid such situations. If the ball heads to a person, you need to warn them with the word “Fore.” Be as loud as possible to alert them to stay away from the ball’s path.