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Qualities of a Great Golf Instructor: What to Look for in a Golf Coach

From getting a suitable golf club to checking instructional videos, every beginner has done their best to master their skills. Newbies often struggle to identify their weaknesses, and when video instructions are not enough, there’s nothing a face-to-face meeting with an instructor can’t solve. A golf instructor can work closely with you on your improvement. How to ensure you’ll get the best golf instruction according to your needs? Let’s find out!

Why You Need a Golf Instructor

Golf instructors can improve the golf game of all levels of golfers. From newbies to professional golfers, if they’re looking to play competitive golf, they will all have something to learn from a golf coach.

You might not need golf lessons if you think of golf as a social activity. However, this isn’t the case when golf is a hobby and passion. Avid golfers see significant improvement with private lessons.

Perfecting the game of golf takes time and effort. However, having a professional golf coach doesn’t mean your game will magically improve overnight. While your golf instructor will provide directions so you can overcome your obstacles, it is up to you to practice. A one-hour session won’t make much improvement if you don’t practice.

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What to Look for in a Golf Instructor

A good instructor should have the proper certification, excellent communication skills, and a style of teaching suitable for your needs. If you find it challenging to assess a coach just by looking at their credentials and experience, book them for one session. This way you’ll get insights into their professional approach and coaching style.

Communication Skills

A golf instructor can have extensive experience and expertise in this field, but if they have poor communication skills, passing their knowledge to you will be challenging. A coaching relationship requires communication from both sides, so you’ll need to find your own golfing language. If your energy doesn’t match up, it is time to look for another coach.


When looking for the right golf instructor, always verify their PGA certification. They need to be transparent about their certifications and never hesitate to provide you with the information you need about their education and training. Anyone can say they’re teaching golf, but their style might not help you reach your goals.

Teaching Methodology

You might think you’ve found the perfect professional instructor based on their certifications and experience. However, you can still be disappointed if they use a teaching method that doesn’t resonate with you. You need a golf instructor that can teach you how to play golf considering your style.

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Outstanding Playing Abilities

A golf instructor should be good both at teaching and playing. Some might know how to explain the secrets behind a good swing but can’t put them into practice. A good teacher should be a good player and teach you much more than just how to swing.

Excellent Testimonials

Looking for the right golf instructor is the same as looking for any other service provider. Check their online reviews and testimonials to find out more about the learning experience. While the instructor’s expertise matters, they should be professional when providing services.

Golf Instructors for Beginners

Junior golfers can get coaching services tailored to their specific needs. The online world is an excellent place to start looking for a good golf instructor. Search for a golf coach in your area to find golf instructors willing to offer online coaching. Golf instructors are often transparent about their practice package, so you can learn about their rates and process through online research.

Another way to find a reliable coach is to ask your collegiate golfers. That friend who has fantastic golf skills is likely to have taken lessons, so don’t hesitate to ask them for recommendations. You can also consult your favorite golf course to see if they offer coaching services.

The final choice when it comes to choosing the best golf instructor for you extends to more than just expertise. You should also know when, where, and how they provide the service. The service should be provided at your convenience, so find out if they provide lessons during the winter months, if they offer playing lessons at the course, and which technology they use.

Beginners might be worried about the cost of taking golf lessons. However, this doesn’t have to be a headache. You can find mentoring services for any budget. The rates vary depending on the coach’s experience. It can cost anything from $80 per hour to $400 depending on the level of expertise your golf coach has. Some charge an hourly fee, so the final price depends on how many sessions you need. 

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How Can a Golf Instructor Improve Your Game

A good golf teacher can help you improve your natural swing. They should discuss your goals and adjust the practice. Furthermore, your golf coach will observe your playing style to discover what you need to improve. They will implement adjustments to perfect your golf swing and make shots more consistent.

Of course, you can always start by watching videos to understand the rules of golf and take it from there. Every experienced player has started with the basic rules. However, working with a professional ensures a tailored learning session that suits your playing level and swing philosophy.

The Teaching Process

Teachers use various accessories and tools during the coaching process. The Stacker often finds its place in the equipment bag of golfers. It allows them to regiment their practice without counting the balls, leaving plenty of time to improve their weaknesses.

Personal golf lessons establish a close relationship, allowing the coach to tell you all you need to know about swing, grip, ball flight, stance, and posture. They suggest improvements, and you must practice on your own to improve your game.

Furthermore, a golf instructor identifies inconsistencies in gripping the club as a starting point. They analyze your golf ball set-up and posture to determine if they impact your swing. They also monitor your pre-shot routine.

In-person coaching will improve your game in many ways. Moreover, you’ll experience a boost of confidence and become more aware of your playing style. After practicing according to the instructor’s directions, you will also notice improved accuracy and increased distance.