Types of Golf Clubs

Types of Golf Clubs and Their Uses

If you’re new to the game of golf, you might be wondering about the equipment you need and what type of clubs to choose for your game. Trying to find the perfect set of golf clubs can be confusing since there are so many different kinds available. Furthermore, beginners and average golfers shouldn’t be put off by the prices of the most praised golf club sets available at golf shops. These are usually reserved for advanced players who have vast experience in the field and benefit greatly from last-generation golf equipment.

To make things simpler, we’ll cover different types of clubs and how to choose the best for you and your game depending on your level of experience and golf goals. There are a total of 14 clubs in a golf bag. You will usually carry all the clubs regardless of where you might be playing. Even if you might not use all 14, it’s important to know what they are and when to use them.


Wood golf clubs are the clubs that can hit the ball the farthest. While these clubs used to be actually made out of wood, they are more commonly made with metals now, such as steel, alloys, and titanium. Since the materials of the clubs have changed, more and more people are calling these clubs metals.

Woods clubs are long-distance clubs, which means you can hit the ball from between 200 to 350 yards. They have a flat bottom and a large, rounded clubhead. They also have a low degree of loft which means they have low launch angles in relation to the location of the shaft.

The loft will change depending on which clubs you are using with the lowest being a 1-wood. The most common type of wood golf clubs is usually a 1-wood, a 3-wood, and a 5-wood.

Wood golf clubs


Similar to the woods, the degree of loft for the iron clubs will increase with the number on the iron club. You can get irons golf clubs numbered one through nine, but few golfers will carry every category of irons with them. Low-numbered irons, such as 1-iron and 2-iron are the most difficult to hit with precision, so not many players are fond of them.

When you get a set of clubs, it will most likely only have the 3-iron through 9-iron. The irons also have different names. 1-, 2-, and 3- are called long irons because they can hit the ball a long distance. 4-, 5-, and 6- irons are called the middle or mid-irons, while 7-9 irons are called short irons.

iron clubs

Wedges and Putters

Wedges are the clubs with the highest loft. You can use wedges golf clubs to hit the ball short distances and get the ball very high into the air. You will have a few different types of wedges to choose from. You can play with a lob wedge, a gap wedge, or a sand wedge. Skilled and professional players often have a few different kinds of wedges in their bags.

If you are a casual golfer or a new golfer, you probably will only have a pitching wedge club. Every player has a putter regardless of their playing level. The standard putter is a different class of clubs. Conventional putters do not have a loft, so the ball will just roll when hit.

You can choose putters golf clubs in many different shaft lengths and club heads. It is best to try out a few and see which one feels the most comfortable. You might see professional golfers changing their putters often because they have to make sure they are getting the most accuracy.

Wedges and Putters


Hybrid golf clubs are an innovation of the 21st century and a type of golf club used in the modern golf game. Also known as utility clubs, hybrid clubs are a combination between the wood club and iron club. Beginner golfers may wonder why someone would combine two perfectly good golf clubs to create a brand new one. 

Hybrids golf clubs are known for their rare benefits that allow players to achieve results otherwise difficult to achieve. First of all, hybrid designs facilitate airborne shots and reduce the chances of mishits. Secondly, they allow skilled golfers to have more control over their swing and stroke direction. Hybrid clubs are a good replacement for mid-irons, helping less muscular players to hit farther with slower swings.

Players love hybrid golf clubs so much that many of them choose to replace several iron golf clubs with modern hybrids. For example, 2, 3, 4, or 5 iron clubs can be easily replaced with hybrid designs. Some golfers can go as far as saying that hybrid clubs make it easier for them to hit the ball due to their functional design. And they are right!

Hybrid golf clubs

Golfing Accessories

Whether you are a beginner player or an advanced golfer, smart golf accessories like The Fore-n-one or The Stacker will help you improve your golf game. They are a match made in heaven for any type of golf club.

The accessories allow you to regiment your practice and focus more on your sweet spot than counting golf balls. They can be used to practice a variety of shots at home, in the backyard, or at the driving range.

The products are highly durable as they are made of ABS, the same material used to make your car dashboard. ABS is a flexible rubber and plastic composite with a very long life expectancy. 

The Stacker

The Stacker allows you to replace the common golf bucket with elegant golf pyramids. You can choose from various types: a 55-ball pyramid, a 91-ball pyramid, a 140-ball pyramid, and a 204 ball pyramid. The accessory makes stacking your golf balls so much easier and quicker so that you can just concentrate on playing your game. The golf ball pyramid is a perfect investment for driving ranges because it adds a more sophisticated look to the golfing experience and makes your range look much more professional.

The Fore-n-One

The Fore-n-One is a very innovative product. Stacker Inc makes four different sizes of golf ball pyramids that come with four different size trays. All you have to do is choose the pyramid size you want and put the Fore-n-One on top of it. Pour the balls in and then remove the device. It makes building pyramids a lot easier and so much fun. If you own a golf course or range, the Fore-n-One will become a reliable golf partner for your clients. 

The Fore-n-One

Picking Your Golf Clubs

Beginner golfers should take their time when choosing the best golf club type for practice. Their golf bag should contain different types of golf clubs and they should be familiar with their functionalities. Here are some tips to follow in the process of picking your clubs to make sure your game is fun and easy.

Become familiar with the most common characteristics of clubs and understand the purpose of each category of clubs. Choose wood clubs for when you want to swing quickly or shoot a long distance. If you aren’t sure which wood club to use, try using the driver as it’s the most commonly used one.

Irons should be used for shorter distance shots or any shot that is 200 feet away from the green. Remember to use lighter irons when you are further from the green.

Wedges are used for very short shots to the green and for getting your ball out of the sandpit. Lastly, putters are used for knocking the ball into the hole and for final strokes only.

Picking Your Golf Clubs

Final Thoughts

Golf clubs can be hard to understand at the beginning, but with dedication and practice, you will master their functionalities and will soon find it very easy to choose the right golf club for every shot.